How to Connect Your PS4 to Your Laptop Using HDMI

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This article will demonstrate how to use HDMI to connect your PS4 game system to your laptop. This technique improves your gaming experience by enabling you to play your favourite PS4 games on a bigger screen. We’ll guide you through each step to make sure the setup goes well.


 Compatible with laptops

Make sure your laptop has an HDMI input port before you begin. Most laptops include HDMI output ports, however not all of them can also accept HDMI input. If there are no HDMI inputs on your laptop, we’ll look for alternatives.


 Collect the Necessary Cables

You’ll need an HDMI cable long enough to link your PS4 to your laptop for this connection. Both visual and audio signals must be sent over the HDMI wire.


Turn Off Your Devices

Make sure your PS4 and laptop are turned off before making any connections to prevent any problems during setup.


 Plug the HDMI Cable In

Connect the HDMI cable on the other end to the PS4’s HDMI output port. If your laptop has one, insert the other end into the HDMI input port.


 Turn on the power and make the connection

Turn on your laptop and PlayStation 4. Permit the devices to identify one another and create an HDMI connection.


 Adjust Display Preferences

The HDMI input from the PS4 should be immediately detected by your laptop. If not, open the display settings on your laptop and manually choose the HDMI input as the display source.

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Setup of the audio

Make sure the audio plays through the speakers or earbuds on both your PS4 and laptop’s audio settings should be changed. On your laptop, make the HDMI connection the default audio output, and on your PS4, choose HDMI as the audio output.


 Adjust Display Parameters

For the best graphics, calibrate your PS4’s display settings to match the native resolution and refresh rate of your laptop.


 Begin playing games on a bigger screen

Congratulations! Using HDMI, your PS4 is now linked to your PC. Take advantage of the bigger screen and enjoy playing your favourite games.


Laptop Compatibility


It’s crucial to confirm that your laptop supports HDMI input before attempting to connect your PS4 to it through HDMI. The majority of laptops include HDMI output connections, so you may connect them. to external monitors, although HDMI input connectors are not available on all computers. HDMI input ports are somewhat uncommon and are often found on expensive gaming laptops or laptops designed specifically for multimedia.


On the side or back of your laptop, search for a small rectangular slot that resembles the HDMI output port but may be labelled differently, such as “HDMI In” or “HDMI Input.” If it has one of these labels, your laptop will likely include an HDMI input port. If you can’t locate one, your laptop probably doesn’t support HDMI input.


Gather the Necessary Cables


You’ll need an HDMI cable long enough to extend from your PS4 to your laptop in order to effectively connect the two devices via HDMI. A variety of HDMI cables are available Make sure to choose a length that has adequate reach without being unduly heavy.


HDMI cables are generally accessible and may be purchased from online or electrical outlets. Consider aspects such as cable length, construction quality, and the HDMI version it supports when selecting an HDMI cable. A typical high-speed HDMI cable should be enough for most gaming applications because it can easily handle HD video and audio streams.


Be prepared to begin connecting your PS4 to your laptop once you have your HDMI cable.

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